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The Swiss electronic vaccination record

General conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Vaccinations Platform is an on-line platform that allows individuals and health professionals to manage the data related to their own vaccinations or to their patients vaccinations. It offers you the possibility of creating your own electronic vaccinations record. The Foundation myvaccines runs the platform and all aspects related to it.

The use of is a valid alternative to the current paper-based vaccination records and can replace those paper records. As soon as your vaccinations are recorded and validated by a professional through it is no long necessary to keep your old paper-based vaccination record with the only exception for the vaccination against yellow fever that has to be recorded into the International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow card). The use of is free of charge: no subscription is necessary and no fee is charged, even if you choose to be advised via SMS or e-mail whenever a vaccination is necessary. The use of is protected: your data is owned by you and a login and password protects your data against any unauthorised third-party access.

Health Care Professionals
You may choose which health-care professionals (physicians and/or pharmacists) will be permitted to access your vaccinations record. This will allow them to check the data concerning vaccines you have entered, correct or update the same and validate your vaccinations record. You will be able to print an official vaccinations record's copy only if the data concerning the vaccinations has been validated. You may recall the access right of the professional in any time, through a simple click under section 'Authorized professionals'.

The use of is not Medical Advice
The expert software (viavac,, core of the, works extremely effective and it has been constantly developed in order to be in line with the nowadays most recent vaccination's developments.

Anyway, even the most effective software cannot replace a health care professional's advice, especially the one you better know. So, the indications about left vaccinations and the information contained in the vaccinations record or conveyed by in any form cannot be equated with or replace a medical consultation or recommendation.

Data Protection
When a person creates his/her own profile, the Foundation myvaccines gathers the users' personal even sensitive data that allow to identify users (name, surname, birthdate, address). The Foundation has given mandate to Arpage AG to manage such data in a safe manner. The Foundation is very attentive to the federal rules concerning data protection; when a new profile is created, every user receives a comprehensive information sheet on which he/she asked to give his/her explicit consent. What is gathered is data needed to create and manage the vaccinations record as well as to identify the user, i.e. essentially the user's personal data. In addition to the personal data also data concerning vaccinations are gathered. Only the data concerning vaccinations can be analysed for statistical or informational reasons and strictly in an anonymized manner, The personnel and third parties entrusted with the processing of the data are held to very strict confidentiality regulations.

You can view our data protection Policy here: Privacy Policy

Please be advised that the Foundation myvaccines has no way of interfering with the relationship between the users and the health-care professionals. Hence, the health service providers themselves must obtain the necessary informed consent from the users for the purposes of data processing, data validation and recording into the system the data concerning their own patients or of the persons calling on them. The Foundation is not in any way liable for any in-conveniences or for direct or indirect damages related to any data processing in connection with obtaining the informed consent and to the processing of the data of users who call on their health service providers for the use of

If you have questions related to the processing of your data, access to your data or update and modification to those data you may address your questions to

The contents of the pages of are created with the utmost care. The Foundation myvaccines undertakes to provide services of the best-possible quality in terms of both science and electronics. However, it is not possible to fully guarantee the exactness, completeness, freshness or consistency of the information available on or generated by Please note that by continuing to use this website you implicitly accept these terms of use.

Accordingly, the Foundation myvaccines and the persons operating on its behalf cannot be held liable for any inconveniences or damages of any kind, whether specific or derived from the access or use of and from the use of the corresponding applications installed on the users' hardware, nor for any decision made or action engaged in or omitted based on the information available on
Please be advised that the Foundation myvaccines has no way of entering into the relationship between the users and the health service providers (physicians and/or pharmacists). Users and service providers operate autonomously and do not in any way act as representatives of the Foundation myvaccines nor for the latter's account nor in its interests.

Funding and partners
The Foundation myvaccines is a non-profit organisation that offers the electronic vaccination record to users (private individuals, medical professionals) free of charge. Supplementary services (digitalisation of paper vaccination records) are offered at cost price. To set up and operate our platform, we rely on funding from various public and private sources (FOPH, cantons, University of Geneva, foundation board members). We have received additional support funds from several pharmaceutical companies, with which part of our activities (for example individual campaigns) could be financed. This financial support is precisely regulated by contract. It is ruled out by the regulations that the companies exert influence on the foundation's activities or gain access to sensitive data. The companies are thus not partners in the sense of a steering function, but merely benefactors. The user can be sure that the vaccination recommendations on only follow the guidelines of the Federal Commission for Vaccination Issues and the FOPH.

Security and Links to Third-Party Sites
Access also occurs via the internet. Absolute security cannot be guaranteed even if security measures on the corresponding terminal unit are consistent with the latest state of science and technology. Depending on the security measures adopted on the user's hardware (PC, tablet, smartphone) and on the corresponding software, it is possible for unauthorized access to your data to occur.

The exchange of information and of data between and the user is done over the net, accessible to anyone. Although the transmission of data is encrypted, certain elements of the transport connection - such as the sender's and recipient's addresses - are not. Hence, it is possible to trace a relation between and the user.

On the online platform there may be links to third-party sites. The Foundation myvaccines obviously tries to activate such links with care, but cannot vouch for the content of such third-party sites nor with regard to the persons in charge thereof. With reference to such links the Foundation shall not be deemed liable in any case

Applicable Law and Venue
The relationship between the Foundation and the users is governed by Swiss law, excluding conflict-of-law rules. Berne, i.e. the place where the Foundation has its main offices, is the venue of competent jurisdiction for the settlement of any controversies.

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