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The Swiss electronic vaccination record

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The platform offers an interesting service for management of the vaccinations record, in that it provides the tools needed for the interaction between patients, physicians and pharmacists in terms of managing the data relating to vaccinations.

The Foundation "Stiftung meineimpfungen" runs the platform and holds the collection of data relating to users needed for the proper upkeep of the documentation regarding vaccinations. Hence, it is fully aware that the above service implies constant attention and the respect of the principles of law covering data protection.

The Foundation implements all of the measures needed to ensure that the system guarantees data protection; in particular:

- the Foundation undertakes to abide strictly by the applicable data protection rules and regulations;
- the Foundation undertakes to see to it that the persons entrusted with the task of ensuring that the system as a whole operates properly are held to extremely stringent confidentiality obligations;
- the Foundation checks and ensures that data is gathered and processed correctly by the subcontractor (at the moment Arpage AG);
- the Foundation is aware that any reprocessing of data is permitted only for the stated purposes;
- at each data processing stage the Foundation sees to it that everything is done consistent with the appropriate technical and organisational measures;
- the users right of access and to request corrections is guaranteed.